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Last week I mentioned that I much prefer weeks that start off slow and get busier as the week progresses. This week, I got exactly that (although to be fair it did taper off by Friday afternoon). It still wasn't really an issue, and I was right, I much prefer it that way, but it was still a little nuts... and very nuts on a couple of occasions.

As the plethora of blog posts this week indicate, Adelaide Fringe has started in earnest... and I somehow tend to forget that Fringe performers actually have a bunch of time on their hands and tend to look for reviews and mentions of their name or show online. I've thus far had a ton of retweets and favourites but then today one of the Naked Magicians from last night tweeted me to ask which of their tricks was the obvious one. Oops... and I will say (and I also went back and added it to the review) that maybe it was more about me and the fact that I'm a giant special effects/movie behind the scenes nerd.

So far this year has been the worst one yet for cancelled Fringe performances. We already had one of the shows flat out cancelled, but then this week I got a call about one particular show to say that while the rest of the run is happening, the show that we were going to has been cancelled due to the Clipsal race, so I'll need to rebook that after Ma and I work out which other session we want to go to.

Oh, and after Ma and I went to see the both Sound and Fury as well as Paul Dabek on Tuesday, I have legitimately had sore ribs for the remainder of the week due to laughing too hard and for too long... it took until about halfway through Wednesday for it to kick in, but every time I've laughed or gotten out of my chair at work I can feel it. I don't think there's actually a better or more direct compliment than to say that I saw two Fringe performances that made me laugh until my ribs ached.

I'm also still waiting for a call back from Adam Internet from a call I made on Monday. I called Adam, who are now owned by iiNet (and who assist them with help desk queries), the call was answered by the iiNet call centre... well, actually I called, they told me there was going to be between a 60 and 90 minute wait and the recorded message offered me a call back service, which I used. An hour later, give or take, they called me back. It then took the dude 20 minutes to work out a) what I was describing as my problem and b) that he couldn't actually help me and that I'd need to speak to the Adam Internet call centre. Since the guy told me that the Adam portion of the centre shuts at 6:30pm and it was 6:25 by that point, I told him they'd need to call me after 5pm the following day.

That was Monday. I'm still waiting.

Granted, I was out on Tuesday night, which I forgot until I hung up the phone, but we also waited around until nearly 6pm before we left my place. They sent me a feedback email and I told them I was expecting a call, still nothing. So I'm either going to have to give them a call on the weekend and hope that someone from Adam actually answers the phone, or just drop into their office one day after work next week and see what happens.

After Sugarmonkey suggested the graphic novel series Saga to me and I devoured it, I asked if he had any other suggestions for things I might like. One of those was Fables. Luck was clearly on my side, because another member of The Nuthouse, Frankie, has a large number of the graphic novels and has been bringing them in for me to borrow. And so I've been tearing through them (figuratively speaking) at a rate of knots... I absolutely love the art style and the writing and the characters, and just the whole premise of fairy tale characters who have been driven out of their original homes by war and are taking refuge in New York. I especially love the way that the writer, Bill Willingham, twists and spins the fairytale characters everyone grows up with and turns them into much more interesting and darker characters than they were originally.

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