rainy bowerbird saturday shopping

bowerbird bazaar... thankfully i didn't kill anyone, even if i was armed with an umbrella
Today has been one of those weird, occasionally frustrating days where I think a lot of my mood has been dependent on the weather.

And the weather has been intense, changeable and stormy... so, you know, draw your own conclusions there.

Ma was off getting her hair did this morning, so I was flying solo on the supermarket portion of the morning... which, as always, meant that I finished up earlier than normal.

But because the weather had settled into just grey and rain, it also meant that I got a little damp around the edges making the dash to the other side of the road for additional supplies.

Once I got home the rain had definitely settled in, so I got on with the unpacking portion of the morning and when Ma arrive I went down to bring things upstairs I got damp again... it was pretty much a recurring theme for much of the morning.

Our destination du jour today was the pre-Christmas edition of Bowerbird Bazaar market at the Showgrounds.

And I only realised this morning that the Supernova Pop Culture Expo was also being held in the same location, and then on top off there was some Uni exam thing going on. So the place was full of Designer Mummies, Geeks (and I saw three different Assassin's Creed assassins on their way to the Supernova entrance) and students (and yes, those last two groups are not mutually exclusive).

But because the parking situation was somewhat dire, we ended up sneaking in the "back way" and both got into the showgrounds and found a park with no problems.

I don't know if it was the weather, or the fact that we were a wee bit later than usual in getting there, or just the over-abundance of people milling around, or the whole "it's Christmas soon" thing, but even by the standards of previous Bowerbirds the crowd seriously did my head in.

It wasn't just the usual inability to look where they were going or where other people were... or the women with prams who either never look where they're going (I literally saw a grandmother pushing a pram who was walking forward while looking back over her shoulder and had the woman she almost ploughed into not been facing her instead of the other way, it would have been nasty) or else just leave the pram sticking out into the aisles... this seemed to be a special kind of self involvement and selfishness.

People just stopping in the middle of the walkway to rummage around in their handbags or standing directly in front of stalls while having a conversation while people are trying to move around.

bowerbird goodies
So for that reason, as well as the fact that Ma didn't find much of anything that worked for her Christmas list, we didn't stay as long as we have on previous occasions.

I did find a few things that struck my fancy, which is actually unusual... the crocheted cactus from Crochet Kittenn... the ampersand from Mooza Designs... and the Manjūsagi Mikan (little orange rabbit) from Tovi.

I also picked up a pack of stickers from Tovi, which are too damn cute for words.

We also picked up some brownies from Four Seeds as usual, grabbed something to eat from Archie the Pastizzi Bus and headed out.

Neither of us really had much of anything else we wanted to do, so we called it quits.

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photo friday: comparison

pellegrini'smovida scooter

bridge linesnewtown hog
The week in review...

  • I got woken up at 4:45am on Sunday when my douchebag "backfence" neighbours decided that it was an appropriate time to play loud music, sing tunelessly and talk loudly in the yard. Once I summoned up the energy to actually reach for my phone, the police were called. The music stopped shortly thereafter however the talking waxed and waned.
  • The only upside to that was I got up nice and early and then spent from about 7:30am until 2:30pm cleaning the house and tidying things up for my rental inspection. Not that the apartment needed THAT much cleaning, it's more an excuse to do things I don't normally do, put things away that have been hanging around for weeks and throw away things I honestly don't need. And everything looks great.
  • And I did all of it to the awesome sounds of Season 2 of The West Wing. Sorkin rocks! Of course if I hadn't been occasionally distracted by it I might have been finished cleaning earlier.
  • I also got high marks for my inspection... the slight marks on the ugly beige carpet notwithstanding.
  • Last week I finally got around to naming my Cameron Brideoake designed tattoo... it's only taken me seven months. I decided on Samudra, which is Sanskrit for ocean, but literally means "gathering together of waters", which sounds pretty much perfect. Plus it's easy to shorten, so for "everyday" use, my Ocean Tiger Mochi shall henceforth be known colloquially as Sam.
  • The list of parcels I currently have en route has swelled up to fifteen... but about half of those are some form of Christmas present and another two aren't going to arrive until after Christmas. But I did get five of them this week, including more RIPT Apparel t-shirts, more Andrew Christian underwear (and of course had to wear one of my new pairs today), a watch for Ma and another Chris McVeigh Lego camera to add to my collection.
  • I now have my "Christmas" teeshirt (featuring Maleficent) and once I make an actual decision about which actual pair, my Christmas undies too.
  • And Fringe tickets go on sale in about a week... seriously, where did the year go? But also YAAAAAY! Sadly I don't know if I'll have time at work to go through the program like I've done in previous years... but this time next week I'll be up to my eyeballs in Fringe info.
  • Speaking of work... a couple of days this week, including today, have been quite "stressypants"... although I did get told by one of my co-workers, Pixie, that there's a certain level of stressed that I reach where I get, to use her words, "so damn gay". And here I thought I got all butch when I was cranky... ah well, there goes that general fantasy.
  • And is it too much to ask that other people do their job correctly and actually provide my team with correct information so we can do our jobs properly rather than them doing a half-assed job, then giving it to us and then them complaining because we did what they actually asked rather than what they meant to ask.
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three part saturday with hair adventures

This is something of a story in three parts...

Well, not exactly, but I didn't bother with a Friday post yesterday because there really wasn't anything of major note that happened last week... I worked all the regular amount, did all the regular things, but nothing much that was actually interesting. So, nominally that's the first part.

This morning was likewise fairly average, although I was running a little late so Ma called me to see where I was while I was doing up my shoes. So I tied my shoes, dragged my broken fan downstairs, and we headed off to the supermarket.

We did the regular thing, and I happened to randomly find the Christmas flavoured Chapstick packs that I was looking for like two years ago and never found... and they show up in a completely different place. So I bought them... they'll make nice stocking stuffers.

Then we poked around Target and Ma found a Christmas tee shirt that wasn't tacky and hideous (it is shiny though, but you can't have everything) and I found a new pair of jeans that fit slightly better than my current jeans and aren't quite so dark.

Cue the returning montage and the usual lugging of shopping bags up numerous flights of stairs.

Given that my pedestal fan died this week... well actually it might be the opposite of died, since the speed knob came off and I couldn't actually turn it off... so less not working, more unable to stop working. Either way... it's all fucked and I need a new one.

But there's a choice to be made, and I have this issue where I'm both cheap but I also don't want another crappy fan that only lasts a couple of years before it dies, or less time than that where it isn't as powerful as it was when I first got it. Also, I hate the fact they get covered in dust.

So essentially my brain is majorly fixated on the Dyson fans. But I also can't justify spending $500 on a fan. Although it does tick all the boxes that I'm looking for other than the pricepoint.

Which, of course, leads to total mental lock-up. And which means that I didn't buy a fan today.

We wandered around The Good Guys, looked at fans, then browsed fridges, for no real reason other than I keep thinking mine is a little small for my purposes... however the ones that are bigger than what I have now but not stupidly too big for me weirdly don't have much more actual fridge room.

Then we gave up and headed into the city.

Ma had a couple of Christmas things she wanted to pick up, I had a couple of errands I wanted to run, but essentially we walked from the end of Rundle Street, to the Hindley Street end of the Mall and back again.

We got all the bits and pieces we were after and then headed back down Rundle Street and had lunch at Burger Theory. I always enjoy their Burger of the Month selections, sometimes more than others, but this month's offering, the Asian inspired Char Sui burger was fantastic... it was like Chinese food and a burger had a lovechild... a tasty, tasty lovechild.

After lunch we had a bit of a detour back up the Mall as I keep thinking I should call into the art supply store and see what they have in the way of really big sheets of cardboard.

The idea that's been tickling away in my back brain since I moved in here in January is that since I have the space now, I wanted a Christmas tree... but not a normal tree... something cute and design-y and also something that folds down to nothing to make storage easy for the rest of the year.

But it has to be a decent size... hence wanting to look in the art supply store for corrugated cardboard.

What I found was one better... bright green corrugated plastic. They were a little pricier than I was originally intending, but if I treat them right then it'll probably a) stand up better than cardboard and b) last longer and store better.

Then we headed back here and, between the rainstorms that had been threatening to drop all day, I sent Ma on her merry way home. Thus endeth part two of the day.

And part three is the fact that today, or more accurately this evening, was Haircut Day.

So when the usual time rolled around I took myself off to see Tink.

The haircut portion of the evening was the same as always, shorter and blonder, but we had a good long chat about all manner of stuff. And interestingly at the end of the evening she said that she always finds out something she didn't know before when she sees me... and clearly she's been telling her sister a number of those things, because her sister has previously asked her if I was the one to tell her that particular tidbit.

Plus she'd been having something of a shitty week, and I made her smile and left her feeling better than when I got there, so that's not much more you can ask for than that.

Thus endeth today...

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unfurling santa's naughty list saturday

naughty list
There's that point in the year when it's officially okay to start looking at Christmas decorations and starting to buy Christmas presents... and here in Adelaide, we call that point the Christmas Pageant.

Okay, that's actually all a big lie, but it was the Pageant today and we did make the first real foray into Christmas shopping.

My apartment was pretty stuffy when I woke up this morning so I got up fairly early, opened the place up and generally tidied up.

Because I was running way ahead of time I ended up downstairs way before Ma arrived,  but it was cooler outside so I didn't mind so much.

The supermarket was about average, although when we were there last week we mentioned the Chicken with Tomato and Mango relish recipe to our regular Checkout Girly, so Ma had printed it out to give it to her... which then also made me want to make it, so I've got all the fixings.

Since the Pageant was going on in the city, after we came back here and did all the usual unpacking, we decided to head down to Marion and have a wander around, possibly make some headway on Ma's predominately non-existent Christmas shopping list.

Of course we ended up buying more stuff for ourselves and each other, although we did make a breakthrough regarding Miss Oh's present, so at least that's something.

The second batch of the new Disney Infinity figures appeared this week, including my all-time favourite Disney character, Stitch. I think I said this last time, but they really are amazingly detailed both in terms of the sculpt and the paint jobs. And the Stitch sculpt is especially cute as he's in the midst of destroying some sand castles.

We also found these great Christmas storage containers in Big W, which are shaped like giant gingerbread men (they also had a tree, but it wasn't as nice). It'll be useful at Christmas to take goodies into work, and probably also to store Christmas leftovers of the non-fridge variety. It also looks good just leaning up against my artwork under the window. Oh and I bought a giant jingle bell from David Jones... no idea what the hell I'm going to do with it, but it is gorgeous, and it was pretty cheap.

As usual we did a loop from one end of the mall to the other and back again, poking around all manner of shops. We don't go to Marion all that much any more, and while there's mostly the same shops there as there is everywhere else, there's a few different things to keep it interesting.

Midway through we stopped off for a quick bite to eat, and then once we were done we took a detour over to Bunnings to pick up yet more Command hooks to finish up my gallery wall.

Hopefully all of our Christmas shopping will be as easy as today.

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photo friday: four

four towers four posts
I got home to find that the fucktards who live in the place over the back fence were sitting around the pool, playing music and talking loudly. That was at 5:30pm... they were still playing music and being loud up until about an hour ago.

Not really the way I wanted to finish my week.

Otherwise it wasn't too bad a week... today's weather was an unfortunate foray into mid-Summer that I could have done without... but as they say, it's going to get worse before it gets better (okay technically that's not true since the temperature is going to drop overnight, but Summer is in fact coming).

I've also been swarmed by insects of every known variety at various points this evening... what the hell is that about. Stupid hot weather.

And I'm currently working out if it's a good idea to just drag my mattress into the living room overnight to take advantage of the aircon.


We tried a little food experiment at work today... let me describe it and then you can draw your own conclusions on the relative successfulness...

And I will just say that it wasn't my idea, but I did join in enthusiastically...

Take a tortilla, spread a little peanut butter on it, chop a Milky Way bar lengthways into slivers, do likewise with half a banana, add a handful of marshmallows, fold the tortilla and place in the sandwich press until hot and melty.

To be honest, when I ate it it was amazing, the marshmallows had melted to a gooey sugary mess, and the combination of peanut butter, chocolate and banana is never a bad thing... but it was only later when I had the sugar high, sugar crash and sugar nausea that it seemed like a really, really bad idea.

That being said, I'd probably do it again, but maybe in a smaller dose.

On Monday I went to see my chiro, and after she adjusted my back I told her all about my issues with my elbow, so she felt the good elbow, then the dodgy one, told me, and I quote, "this is going to hurt" (never really something you want to hear), flexed the elbow a couple of times and then POP, snapped it back into place. It turns out that I'd jammed the joint up into the socket and that's why I didn't have full range of movement.

I mean, you would think that that would be SOMETHING YOU WOULD SEE ON AN X-RAY! So why the hell they didn't see it at the Emergency Room I have no fucking clue.

But I couldn't thank my chiro enough... it's still a little sore and tender when I do various things with it, but I have pretty much the full range of motion with it, whereas before I only had about 85%.

There wasn't a hell of a lot else going on this week... I went to a training course, also on Monday, run by possibly the most boring trainer ever. In fact he was so dull that I kept nodding off when we weren't actually doing activities. Which would have been fine, but I was in the front row.

Actually the most interesting part of the day was going to lunch with Sugarmonkey who was also doing the course, at his suggestion. We went to Jack Ruby, which was quirky but pleasant. I mean what kind of place gives you a container of fresh popcorn as a complimentary starter. But it was a nice lunch and the bar staff were suitably handsome, bearded, tattooed and of the slicked back hair.

It's always a little strange spending one-on-one time with Monkey... not bad, just... odd I guess. But we've known each other for... I dunno, it has to be at least eight years, possibly closer to ten at this point... and we get along fairly well for the most part (even if he does frustrate the living crap out of me on occasion... and I'm sure I do likewise to him).

Oh, and I worked out at some point this week that I'm currently waiting for nine parcels... but I just did a bit of poking around and I mustn't have ordered one of the items... I can't see any reference to it anywhere... weird. I know I came up against the "that item doesn't ship to Australia" issue a few times, but I swear I remember buying it...

Sorry, thinking out loud.

I think that's pretty much it for this week's musings...

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design related saturday shopping

While we did have an instance of general "blah", today pretty much all came together with nary a hitch.

I rolled myself out of bed later than I'd intended this morning, so I only really had a chance to change my bedding and generally straighten things up rather than get things, mostly the kitchen, appropriately shipshape.

And because the weather is unable to pick a season I ended up having to wear a jacket, which is slightly ridiculous for the beginning of November.

As I mentioned last week my superpower to judge when Ma is downstairs is clearly on the fritz, and I had to stand around on the corner like an idiot until she arrived.

Then we switched cars as usual and I drove to the supermarket.

Other than us spending more than the usual amount on groceries there wasn't really anything spectacular about our supermarket adventures... it did appear that a bus full of pensioners had pulled up at some point... when we were headed to the checkouts there were suddenly little old ladies everyfuckingwhere.

But that was it really. And then it was back here for ritual unpackery.

After perusing and rejecting every bedside lamp I've seen for the past several weeks, I finally saw one I liked online this week, so I wanted to go and grab it before it disappeared or I overthought it too much. It would possibly have been an easier excursion if Beacon Lighting actually had stock out on the floor. Also if we hadn't happened to be in there when everyone else in the known universe was in there buying $500 worth of lighting.

I did get the lamp though, and it suits my sense of the absurd.

Since we were literally just down the road, we also detoured over to the framers and picked up my John McConnell artworks... I'm thinking the appropriate place to hang them is in the bedroom, although I'll need to shuffle some other things around first.

And we didn't really have very much else in the planning file... Ma ended up just doing a big driving loop past Ikea, past Harbour Town and back up Anzac Highway to the city.

fashion icons
From there we headed to the Art Gallery to check out the Fashion Icons: Masterpieces from the collection of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris exhibition.

We could have just headed straight to the exhibition space, but instead we had a bit of a wander through the rest of the gallery first. It's been a while since we've done that and they've made some very appealing changes to the spaces along the left side of the gallery... mirrored walls, dark painted walls and instead of trying to cram the labels for everything on the wall alongside the artworks, they've come up with these big laminated sheets you can take from a spot on the wall that feature a picture of the works and all the details.

I would imagine that the only issue with that is that you can't just make rearrangements on the spur of the moment or swap things out without a lot of additional work.

But it does make the gallery walls feel more approachable and more like artwork you'd have on the wall at home than feeling sterile and cold. Granted I'm not sure you'd want to have the back ends of two horses that have been sewn together and hung from a metal pole in your house, but you know what I mean.

Because we took the elevator down to the exhibition area (since Ma isn't great with the gallery stairs) we ended up going into the exhibition backwards.

It ended up being a bonus, for me anyway, since the exhibition is organised by decade from the 50's (late 40's really) through to the 2000's and I much prefer the 50's stuff to a lot of the later stuff.

Some of it is frankly ridiculous, some of it isn't ever going to look as good on the little skinny flat-chested mannequins they're using as it would on actual women in motion, and there is a serious under-representation of men's fashion... but there are some really gorgeous pieces.

Also, I kind of would have liked some additional tidbits like "so-and-so wore this dress in this movie or on the cover of that magazine or to this very important event" type of thing... but clearly that's not the point of the exhibition, so with one exception where the outfit is actually designed for a movie (and is THE most ridiculous outfit in the whole exhibition, being made entirely of giant rolls of metal), they don't do that.

After we'd finished looking at everything we wandered through the rest of the gallery and then headed across to the Mall to get some lunch before calling it a day.

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photo friday: trick or treat

This week has been... problematic.

Remember how last Saturday I said that my elbow was sore when I tried to bend/extend it... well, by Sunday that had developed to a full on case of being unable to extend it or contract it. All the mid range motion was still there, it didn't hurt, I just couldn't physically straighten it or close it up.

I struggled through Monday like that and then on Tuesday I took the morning off work and went into the Emergency Room.

They prodded and poked me (in the waiting room), sent me for an x-ray, left me sitting in the waiting room for a while and then sent me on my merry way, poorer by a couple of hours but with not much else to show for it. Seemingly it'll sort itself out, and while the bone was "very slightly cracked", they don't do anything for those types of injuries, and the best thing for it was a normal range of motion.

Which is great, but has made the whole week annoying, especially every time I reach to answer the phone at work, it's like my arm is just shorter and almost feels like it belongs to somebody else or is a fake arm or something. It's very, very weird.

I have a chiro appointment on Monday, so I'll talk to her about it, she may be able to shed some light on why the hell it's actually happening, which the ER nurse didn't actually do. I mean I kind of get that I "shocked" the arm when I fell on it, but I've done that a billion times with no real drama, why was this different and why don't I have a full range of motion in the elbow. Especially since it doesn't feel or look swollen.

Bodies are weird and fucked up, and clearly I'm too old for this shit.

Work has likewise remained insane... somewhat more so this week due to a) everybody wanting things done urgently but also wanting large amounts of things done and not providing clear directions about what needed to be done. Or just annoying instructions... whatever it was, there was clearly something in the water this week and nothing was as simple as it should have been.

Fortunately the fact that H-San wasn't in this week wasn't a major cause for drama like it's been in the past, however I did field some of the social media calls he usually gets... and, yeah, I don't like those, they're less fun.

Especially when two people from the same place call you one after the other and are essentially have a pissing contest with you in the middle because this one didn't ask that one's permission before making a Facebook account, more because that one feels that it's his bag rather than him having any real power.

Yeah, I know, it doesn't make a lot of sense, it didn't to me either and I had to field the phonecalls.

And although I like things that are weird and creepy and I'm spending tonight watching Hocus Pocus as I've done at the end of October for the last few years, plus the photos that accompany this post, let me state one thing categorically.

Halloween can go fuck right the hell off.

Actually, Halloween itself is fine, it's a perfectly legitimate thing, for Americans. Or really anyone in the Northern Hemisphere really... but people who get excited and dress up and decorate for Halloween here in Australia should be lined up against the wall and, well not shot per say, but definitely made to bob for apples until exhaustion sets in.

Sadly I work with a number of those people.

And I was already fairly grumpy this morning... partly from having a giant pile of work I needed to do but also from having to deal with the Halloweenies and the fact we were having a "Halloween lunch", so there was far too much decorating and "horrific" food and costumes of questionable quality.

So yeah, I may have been a touch... prickly for the majority of the morning. At least until I'd eaten far too much food... maybe I just had low blood sugar all morning. Yeah, probably not, I was just a grumpy son of a bitch really.

I also felt slightly better wearing devil horns all afternoon, and also because half of The Nut House left early or were otherwise out of the office and I didn't have a hundred million things to do.

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random garage sale style shopping saturday

when is a garage sale not a garage sale
Firstly, if I may be allowed a moment of complaining... ow, ow, ow, ow, bugger, damn, fuck, fuck, fuckkitty fuck!

When I fell earlier in the week I must have banged my elbow or jolted my arm, because it's sore when I bend it and when I try to extend it all the way, which makes life a little difficult.

Hopefully it's just a temporary thing and once my joint gets over being jarred it'll return to normal.

Or essentially it's like I'm slowly falling apart one body part at a time...


Other than having to work around my temporary disability, I got ready this morning, and clearly my superpower is on the blink as Ma wasn't already there... but it wasn't long.

Shopping was pretty average... I decided this morning that I'd be "eating out of the freezer" this week, so my needs were somewhat less than other weeks. And there really wasn't anything particularly stand-out about any of our supermarket session.

We came back here, did all the usual unpacking and then headed out to the city.

Ma mentioned wanting to go to the Flinders Street Market last week, and since they were taking part in the Garage Sale Trail, it seemed like this week would be a good time to take a look. Especially since the only stuff I end up being interested in when we go there is the second hand and vintage stuff.

Turned out to be a mixed bag really... a couple of minutes after we walked in I saw a couple of old what I thought initially were fish tanks, but on closer inspection they were clearly terrariums... and they were $5 each.

One of them looked like it would be the right size to hold my Assassin's Creed Ezio statue... and at $5 even if it wasn't it was too good to pass up.

There wasn't really much else of interest around the place... I was half tempted by an old pair of binoculars but the surface layer was cracked, and not in an interesting vintage way, just in a "hmmmm, broken" kind of way.

So we took my $5 glass and mirror terrarium and headed more into the heart of the city.

I wanted to check out the Tovi exhibition in Rundle Place... I bought one of her pieces back at the last vinyl toy exhibition at Espionage, and she's done some great food related designs this time around.

Ma ended up buying one of the rainbow gummi designs, and I was torn about the strawberry, but then I saw the ones that were painted like little buns and really wanted one of those... sadly, NFS (that great art show tragedy, Not For Sale).

And that was pretty much it... we got something to drink, wandered around for a bit, and then called it an afternoon and came back here after a quick stop at my supermarket to pick up some bits and pieces, that was that.

Now I just feel the need to batten down the hatches in preparation for the Rolling Stones concert tonight... it seems like it would be pointless to even try and watch a movie or anything, especially anything with music... so I may just try diving into ACIII and see what happens.

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photo friday: bird flower

morning duckold yeller

silver walkerpurple buzz

blue waderpink morning
This week has been a big giant bastard rollercoaster of a week...

Monday I stopped off at Myer before my chiro appointment and discovered that the Lego Series 12 minifigs were finally in stock! Yaaay... I only managed to grab a few before I had to head off, then I went back on Tuesday and stood in the toy department for a good 45 minutes feeling up pretty much all of the little foil packets in four boxes of figs... I got 90% of them from the first two boxes, but the last one was the third to last pack in the last box.

But yay, I have all of Series 12 now, plus an extra Gamer to join Army of The Spares on my desk at work, and an extra Pig Suit Guy for Ma because she was born in the Year of the Pig.

I also finished AC: Revelations on Monday night... and I'm not going to lie, I got a little misty eyed at the conclusion of the Ezio storyline... I was thankful they didn't go for a jump-scare/On Her Majesty's Secret Service style finale, but I was on edge during a good chunk of the ending just in case they went there. I've been giving AC a little rest this week before I start AC III as it's a whole different protagonist and time period and location, so I didn't want to dive straight in. I am getting a little bit twitchy to start again though, so definitely at some point this weekend.

I was also talking with Herschel at work this week who is also a massive AC fan and while she's sold on the idea of getting a PS4 and the newest game when it comes out (Paris! French Revolution!), I can't quite justify it to myself yet. Maybe if they did a bundle with the game and a PS4, but while X-bones are doing that, PS aren't... which is just plain weird. We shall see...

Wednesday Ma and I headed off to Palace Nova to watch Stephen Fry "live" from the Royal Festival Hall in London (the actual event was on 1 October) reading from his new autobiography and being generally his fabulous Fry self. As with the Unseen Theatre Company play we went to see last month, Ma didn't know what we were seeing, but this time it was literally right up until it started and flashed the title on the screen before she knew.

"Hiding" the two events from her has been interesting... she didn't mind in either case, but I wonder whether it would have been more exciting for her had she known this second one beforehand... she half guessed the first one, but this one, not a clue.

Yesterday I went arse over teakettle, as they say... I was on my morning walk, cutting across an area of mulch/bark/tree bits as I do every morning, and my ankle went out from under me (and has been a little twitchy for the remainder of the week).

Fall down, go boom.

I swear I'm getting worse at this, the scab from the last time I fell down isn't even healed yet... and because I fell onto a rough surface with lots of sharp or jagged things and whatnot, I managed to scrape the living hell out of my upper shin... which is now sore and covered in scabs and a really attractive yellow layer of Betadine.


Speaking of sexy, I've found a brand new favourite underwear brand this week... Andrew Christian... and by new I mean that I've already worn some of their stuff, but I got a delivery of some more in different styles on Monday and have been wearing them all week and loving them to death. So I think for the first time in a number of years that my annual Christmas underwear is going to be something other than Aussiebum this year.

And on the topic of things that aren't new but that I've gotten a new appreciation for during this week... the podcast, Welcome to Night Vale. I've been listening to it on and off (more off than on to be honest) for the last year or so and while there have been a couple of standout episodes (the Episodes 19A and 19B two-parter, The Sandstorm springs to mind) I hadn't really been solidly grabbed by the show until this week from Episode 32 through to the Old Oak Doors two-parter, Episode 49... I laughed, I got misty-eyed, I internally fist-pumped (which sounds oddly painful when I say it that way).

It is an odd show/podcast, but it's definitely worth a listen, especially if you like things of the weirder persuasion and just listening to wonderful, rich words read by both a fantastic voice actor but also a fantastic voice.

Work is good... busy as hell, at least for 95% of this week... partly because it's busy but partly because after I noticed that one of my team mates kept screwing assignments up, I was reticent to give him more assignments... so I ended up doing more of it myself than I would otherwise have done. At least until I got to the point where I just couldn't manage it all and there was an increasing backlog. Plus I keep getting other little assignments heaped on my plate on top of everything else... some are fine, some are just annoying.

Oh and the weather can go fuck itself this week... it looks like we're shaping up to have the hottest October in a century... no, no thank you.

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errand orientated saturday shopping

bleeker street
Today was much more of an errand related Saturday...

It's also clear that my Very Lame Superpower is knowing when Ma has pulled up downstairs... yes, she often sits in the car and sorts out her phone before she comes up and I know roughly when she's due to arrive... but it's disturbingly accurate how often I get down there to find her already waiting.

I tried to shop this week with the clear idea of what I may make for both lunches and dinners... last week I was clearly crap at it and ran out of interesting dinner options by about Wednesday.

Hopefully this week goes a little better.

We did the usual loop around Target... I found a few things for Ma to try on, clothes-wise... I was a little miffed that they STILL don't have the Series 12 minifigs... and after some random wanderings across the road and a quick revisit to the supermarket when I realised I'd forgotten things, we headed back here.

There are some weeks where, between us, we get a lot of groceries and spend a lot of money... then there are the weeks where we only seem to do one or the other. I think this week was the lots of groceries/not excessive amounts of cash type week... or at least it seemed to be.

We faffed about a bit here... I discovered that one of my all-time favourite former SYTYCD dancers, Billy Bell, could be coming to perform at the Festival next year... although we've been excited about the same thing before and it doesn't always work out as expected.

Even though I hadn't actually decided what I wanted to do, framing wise, with the two pieces I bought from John McConnell, but we headed off to the framing store.

And when we got there we found it had moved. Thankfully it hadn't moved far... just down the road and around the corner, and to be honest it's a nicer looking shop than the old one.

What I always love is picking out framing... actually more so matts, because generally the framing is either plain black or plain white... and even more than that I love when the person in the framing store goes "oh I don't think X colour will work", and then I try X colour anyway, and it works.

In this particular instance, it was a ruby red matt, which worked because John used red pen for both of the pieces, even though one is all pen and the other is pen and watercolour.

From there, we headed over to Bunnings, since it wasn't that far away, and I grabbed some more 3M hooks to put more things on my "gallery wall".... I also discovered that they have remote controlled colour changing lightbulbs... and now I need to find a bedside lamp that I can put one of these in! They change colour and have a dimmer and a remote control and everything so you can choose a colour. I mean, seriously, c'mon.

I resisted the urge to buy one though... I need an appropriate lamp first.

Then we went and wandered around The Good Guys for a bit so Ma could look (again) at cordless phones. In essence it's a little pointless because there are currently only four different styles of cordless phone on the market. And all the other styles out there are variations of the least interesting of those. So essentially it should be an easy decision for her. But no.

Ah well, we'll get there.

And that was pretty much it... we headed back here, stopped off briefly at Stepney Salvage, not because we wanted any salvage, but because we got past it a couple of times a month and always say "we should take a look in there".

Thankfully now we have looked and we never need to say that ever again. It's a scary ass store, although they do have a lot of very pretty art deco style handles, knobs and switches. But they also have some incredibly scary giant statues of things you would never need giant statues of.

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